Education and Enrichment Centre Playground at Jaffa Daled

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Who you will help 

The Ethiopian-Israeli families of the Jaffa Daled neighbourhood face poverty, language barriers and many socio-cultural hardships. The children of these families are particularly at risk, and struggle to integrate into their new environment. At the Jaffa Daled after-school education centre, 85% of the children are of Ethiopian decent, and receive encouraging, structured and culturally appropriate support after school. The centre needs to expand to serve a growing population, as well as transform the (currently empty) yard into a space for safe outdoor play.

Your donation will fund

With your support, Jaffa Daled Center will turn the outdoor play space into an age-appropriate outdoor recreational facility with safe, rubber flooring, challenging climbing equipment, swings, and other accessible and engaging play equipment.


The Jaffa Daled neighborhood in Tel Aviv Jaffa is one of Israel's most diverse populations.

The Jaffa Institute 

was established in 1982 as a private, non-profit, multi-service social agency to assist severely disadvantaged children and their families in this area.

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