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Over 700 rocket and mortar attacks fall in the city of Sderot every year, which has a devastating effect on the residents who live there - 80% of children living in Sderot suffer from PTSD. The Resilience Center provides much needed support for these children and their families, offering therapy and emotional support, a 24/7 hotline, courses for parents to deal with child anxiety, emergency services and more. The Resilience Centre is currently lacking important infrastructure to support the children and families - suffering from the trauma of repeated attacks - who rely on it. JNF Canada has begun work with the municipality to construct a new Trauma Resilience Center by adding a protective bomb shelter, expanding existing facilities and making the center accessible for those with disabilities. The new center will have 8 therapeutic rooms, providing 50,000 hours of treatments per year - 140 hours per day! This expansion will double the number of patients treated daily.

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The main entrance to the Centre.


Located in Sderot, 2km from the Gaza border.

About The Sderot Resilience Centre 

The Resilience Center in Sderot was established by the local government in 2008, to promote resilience, strengthen individuals and the community, and foster the development of partnerships.


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