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Bervin JNF Canada House of Excellence - Computer Lab 

Who you will help

The 'Bervin House', a flagship JNF Canada project, will be an academic centre for high school students in Sderot, with a mission to give these young people the educational advantages typically found in larger, better-resourced cities. The opportunities available at the Bervin House are not available anywhere else in Sderot - state-of-the-art technology, professional instructors, and qualified madrichim (guidance counsellors) - will result in improved social mobility, job opportunities and prosperity. The Bervin House will be a key institution for Sderot's next generation of leaders.

Your donation will fund

A computer lab with state of the art equipment.


The Bervin House is in Sderot, 2km from the Gaza border. JNF has a long history of community support in Sderot, including building portable bomb shelters, protected playgrounds, 'getaway' trips for children during times of stress, and public parks and spaces.

About Bervin JNF Canada House of Excellence

The Bervin House will have bright, open lounging spaces, lots of natural light and a serene landscaped courtyard for outdoor studying. There will be classrooms, a multipurpose event hall, meeting rooms, patio, kitchenette and a unique experiential learning hub. The facility will withstand direct missile attacks and be accessible to people with disabilities, allowing more students to have a safe and open learning facility. Programming at the Bervin House will be designed to prepare students for the current job market, with professionals from various sectors helping students develop their interpersonal skills and specially trained alumni soldiers will provide courses in high-tech, technological entrepreneurship and innovation. The students will be tutored in core subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and English - taught in small group classes with innovative learning modules and simulation games. A number of educational institutes will also be involved in curriculum development and operation of the learning center.

  • STATUS: Fully Funded
  • DONATION LEVEL: $6,000.00 (min) - $128,500.00 (max)
  • DISTRICT: Southern

  • ADDRESS: Gandi Square, Sderot, IL
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