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Beit Haedut, in Nir Galim, is a museum and educational centre established to commemorate the Holocaust. The museum serves as a powerful symbol of resilience - it was built by Holocaust survivors almost 30 years ago. Every year, Beit Haedut hosts 10,000s of students, soldiers, officers and others who come to learn about the the atrocities in this dark period of Jewish history), connect more deeply with the subject, and meet survivors. Recently, the museum received a train car from Germany that was used to transport Jews to the extermination camps. The museum has placed the train car in a courtyard as an open-air exhibit, allowing groups to enter the wagon and connect to their feelings and emotions.

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The train car requires a space fitting of its enormous symbolism. Foundational work will stabilize the ground with rocks, plants and a wooden ramp. A shaded square will provide space outside the train car for gathering and personal reflection. Lighting, landscaping and fencing is also required to complete this powerful outdoor exhibit.


Nir Galim, located on the coast about 40km south of Tel Aviv, is an agricultural moshav founded by Holocaust survivors.


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