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Plugot Forest Single Bike Trail

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Biking in Israel has become a popular cultural pastime. Cycling offers better physical health and encourages the exploration of Israel's nature and breathtaking views. Cycling also brings tourists to communities who rely on tourism for economic stability. In 2018, the 13km long Plugot Forest bike trail was shut down due to nearby infrastructure construction and seasonal flooding of the Lachish River, which intersects the trail rendering parts of it unusable at times throughout the year. In the forest, there is a concentration of heritage sites from different periods, making it a popular destination for both local and international tourism. JNF has also been heavily involved in the restoration of Plugot Forest itself.


The Plugot Forest covers about 600 acres west of the Plugot Junction, near the southern city of Kiryat Gat.

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To restore this cycling trail, JNF will redevelop the single-track path. "Single-track" refers to the narrow path, around 60 cm wide, intended for a single or pair of cyclists only. Restoration involves stabilizing the ground after recent infrastructure changes, building a safe and stable crossing at the Lachish River, regular pruning along the route and crossing streams, removing hazards, and installing gates and signage where needed. After these works are completed, visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of the trail once again.

JNF National Cycling Trails

JNF long-ago identified cycling as the next big trend in Israel and began developing cycling trails across the country. To date, JNF has laid 1,500 kms of cycling trails all over Israel, for riders with varying levels of riding difficulty, including specially designed accessible tracks for cyclists with physical disabilities.

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