Video Update on B'nei Netzarim's New Shelter

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In B'nei Netzarim, the impact of JNF Canada's work is seen throughout the entire community. From their synagogue, to sheltered rooms for school kids, to a line of security trees protecting them from the Egypt border, your donations and support are seen both physically and emotionally.

"When we first came, there was nothing. There were no buses, no streetlights, nothing. There were just 11 houses. Our son was the first bris here."- Yael Halahmi, resident

"JNF Canada has been with us right from the beginning, after the evacuation. It started with playgrounds, the big synagogue, the youth club and during Tzuk Eitan [a period of conflict] with the security tree planting." - Yedidya Hochman, Community Leader

This shelter was made possible thanks to the support of Builder, Wayne Robbins.

Watch the full video above. You can read more about our work in the Halutza region in JNF Canada's 2021 Impact Report.


Shelter for Safe Education
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